Pavia Family | 2015

I love when my clients come back to me. It’s such an honor to get to follow their family, and watch their kids grow. I’ve known the Pavia family for a long time. We go way back to high school, and early Army days. Even with long distances and time lapses, we have been able to stay close. They have even been patient and willing as I’ve used them for portfolio building sessions.

2015-08-27_0019 2015-08-27_0026 2015-08-27_0025 2015-08-27_0024 2015-08-27_0023 2015-08-27_0022 2015-08-27_0021 2015-08-27_0020 2015-08-27_0028 2015-08-27_0027 2015-08-27_0018 2015-08-27_0017 2015-08-27_0016 2015-08-27_0015 2015-08-27_0014 2015-08-27_0013 2015-08-27_0012 2015-08-27_0011 2015-08-27_0010 2015-08-27_0009 2015-08-27_0008 2015-08-27_0007 2015-08-27_0006

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